German-Dutch Forum on Bioeconomy and Recycling

Meet experts and explore your opportunities

DNHK Rotterdam Frühstuck Wereldmuseum met Burgemeester Aboutaleb

Internationally, Germany is a pioneer in the field bio-economy, recycling and waste management: German governments have been supporting the path to a (circular) bioeconomy with various (funding) programmes since the 1990s.

Smart recycling solutions, more focus on sustainable material efficiency and reducing the dependence on fossil fuels are central to the region’s economic strategy and competitiveness.

During the Forum in Amsterdam leading entrepreneurs and economic affairs officers will provide insight into the opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in Germany, especially in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north-east of the country. During the event, German as well as Dutch speakers will be sharing best practices. In short, a high-quality networking and information event with relevant entrepreneurial stories and surprise-guests!

Start event

2024-06-18 · 17:00

End event 

2024-06-18 · 21:00


Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Zuidas

Tommaso Albinonistraat 200
1083 AM

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North-east Germany: An ideal  starting-point from the region Berlin/Hamburg to Germany, Scandinavia and Poland

Mecklenburg Vorpommern stimulates innovative approaches by supporting entrepreneurship, research and promising investment opportunities. Through a close cooperation between business, research and government, MeckPomm succeeds in attracting more and more foreign investors.

The region’s attractive location in relation to important sales markets plays a strong role in this: From this region, northern and eastern Germany, Poland and Scandinavia are "just around the corner", making it a good and affordable base for companies looking to grow in these strong markets. In addition, the availability of qualified staff and physical space to do business is a strong asset.

Meet experts and  explore your opportunities

In June 2024, an excellent delegation from Mecklenburg Vorpommern from the “triple helix” will visit the Netherlands to establish and deepen contacts. Are you a Dutch investor or entrepreneur curious about the opportunities in Mecklenburg Vorpommern? The DNHK will be happy to put bring you in touch with the members of the delegation to help you make better investment decisions.

On 18 June 2024 in Amsterdam, at the unique “German-Dutch Forum on Bioeconomy and Recycling” which will be held in English, we will be happy to introduce you to leading entrepreneurs and officials from the national and regional Ministries of Economic Affairs to give you a better understanding of the opportunities in the region. As you would expect from the DNHK, we provide meaningful contacts and valuable information so that Dutch investors and entrepreneurs can make informed choices.

Preliminary programme

DNHK Rotterdam Frühstuck Wereldmuseum met Burgemeester Aboutaleb

(names of speakers tba)

17:00 – 17:30: Registration and informal reception

17:30 – 18:00: Opening and key-note speech

18:00 – 19:10: Presentation of best practices and roundtable dialogue with German and Dutch entrepreneurs and investors from the recycling and bioeconomy industry  

19:10 – 19:15: Wrap-up and acknowledgements

19:15 – 21:00: Networking-dinner with German and Dutch entrepreneurs, investors and high-level officials

21:00: End of the event 


Access by car, parking and e-charging:

Access by public transport: The hotel is located next to the station Amsterdam RAI and in walking distance from the RAI-complex.

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If you have signed up but are unable to attend, you can cancel for free by sending an email to a.lodder(at), no later than Friday 14th of June.

If you have signed up and do not attend without cancelling or cancel later than 14th of June, we have to charge a 50 Euros cancellation fee.

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Aldo Lodder
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